Organization Name:
Sipe Ministries dba Little Scholars Schools
8707 Stanton Road Little Rock Arkansas 72209
Job Title:
Teacher/Teacher Assistance
Job Description:
School Responsibilities
Arrive at school early enough to ensure proper preparation for the first activity
Stay at school until the time designated by Academic Director or as business necessitates
Attend and participate in all called staff meetings
Perform necessary duties including, but not limited to, teaching
Communicate positively and professionally with parents, students, and staff
Reports regularly to appropriate administrators
Abide by all state and federal mandates in reporting sexual or physical abuse and neglect
Maintain and support a positive professional school culture
Support and follows directives of the Academic Director
Refrain from behavior that could be viewed as sexual, dangerous, exploitative, or physically harmful to children.

Classroom Responsibilities
Set clear short-term and long term goals to drive instruction
Make rigorous and engaging long–term, quarterly, weekly, and daily lesson plans
Develop and maintain a productive, safe, and focused learning environment
Consistently promote Little Scholars Schools’ values and use vocabulary to teach good habits
Create and administer frequently student progress assessment in a timely manner
Provided necessary accommodations and modifications to enhance student success of all students
Teach effectively the adopted curriculum of Little Scholars Schools
Closing Date:
Contact Name:
Dylesha Holmes
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number:

Little Scholars Schools Mission Statement “To serve superbly children of the Greater Little Rock community, by developing each child’s full potential through loving care, superior academic services, and quality programming.”

As a teacher, of LSS we expect our educators to provide students with appropriate learning activities and experiences in the core academic subject areas assigned… to help them fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth.

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