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Grace Lutheran ECDC
5124 Hillcrest Ave, Little Rock 72205
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The Cook provides staff services to facilitate the total work of the Grace Lutheran Early Childhood Development Center by planning for and preparing nutritious, tasty, appealing meals and ensure that kitchen and equipment are clean and well-maintained.

Food Services

  1. Ensure all meals are prepared on time.
  2. Prepare meals according to menu using recipes as needed, and clearing any major departures from the menu with the director.
  3. Minimize the amount of waste and leftovers as much as possible.
  4. Deliver food to eating area and serve children and adults prescribed amounts.
  5. Prepare food and supply requisitions to maintain appropriate inventory levels, and submit to the director as prearranged times.
  6. Store deliveries appropriately.
  7. Maintain records of number of meals served to children and adults each day and amounts of food used, each day; and submit to the director at prearranged times.

Health and Safety

  1. Be aware of children with food allergies or sensitivity, and make provisions to modify servings.
  2. Report any and all suspicions of child abuse and/or neglect to the director immediately.
  3. Notify the director immediately of health concerns.
  4. Adhere to center policies and practices in regard to dishwashing and disinfecting.

Cleaning and Care

  1. Wash and store dishes and cooking apparatus after each meal.
  2. Ensure that kitchen and equipment are clean and well maintained on a daily basis.
  3. Report needs, concerns, malfunctions, etc. of equipment and/or facilities to the director in a timely manner.
  4. Weekly, or more often if needed, dispose of leftovers, open containers, expired food items, etc. from the freezers, refrigerators, and/or pantry.


  1. Maintain current ServSafe certification.
  2. Attend continuing education programs to equal or exceed accreditation standards applicable to the position – a minimum of 25 hours per year.
  3. Participate in supervisory conferences and staff meetings.
  4. Other duties as assigned by the Director.
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    Colleen Moorman
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    This position can be either part or full time. Salary is based on experience. Paid leave and benefits are part of the package. Preferably looking for someone experienced in cook for large groups and familiar with commercial grade kitchens. Must be a kid-friendly cook!

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