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Sunshine School & Development Center
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ABC Lead Teacher
Job Description:
The ABC (Arkansas Better Chance) Lead Teacher is responsible for implementing curriculum, designing age-appropriate lessons, communicating with parents through social media and verbally and providing a safe, healthy, organized, and stimulating environment for children. The lead teacher is also required to work with an assistant teacher and communicate on how he/she can assist them in teaching and sharing in the classroom responsibilities. It is the lead teacher’s responsibility to incorporate AR CDELS into lesson plans using the Adventures in Learning curriculum, Better Beginnings, DHS and ERS guidelines are followed daily.

Job Summary

Job Duties/Responsibilities

Below is a list of job duties to successfully carry out an ABC Lead Teacher job description.

Program Expectations

General Work Habits: Uphold the values and mission of Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) and Sunshine School and Development Center

Arrive on time and work when scheduled

Attend all required meetings

Give ample notice for absences

Dress appropriately for working with young children. (Refer to employee manual)

Any other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Child Growth and Development: Apply the principles of child growth and development, valuing each child as an individual with unique biology, interests, needs and potential.

Recognize the influence of risk and protective factors on child growth and development.

Create and adapts daily experiences to address individual needs, temperament, interests and learning styles.

Know how, when, and where to refer for further assessments or evaluation.

Use practices in the learning environment that respect and support the home languages of children and seeks knowledge of cultures of families served.

Learning Environment and Curriculum: Establish an environment that provides learning experiences that meet each child’s needs, capabilities, and interests.

Describe specific developmental outcomes achieved through play, planning experiences that support specific developmental outcomes.

Implement curriculum (Adventures in Learning) that promotes the goals of the Arkansas Child Development and Early Learning Standards (CDELS).

Organize and modify physical environment to be safe, comfortable, healthy, respectful, supportive, and aesthetically pleasing.

Positive Interactions: Establish supportive relationships with children and guide them as individuals and as a part of you group.

Plan a daily schedule and activities that provide opportunities for frequent interactions with individual children.

Observe children regularly to learn about each child’s interest, abilities, and development.

Choose guidance approaches based on knowledge and observations of temperament, levels of development, emotional stress, and/or cultural context of the child.

Model and encourage friendship-building skills: problem-solving, turn taking and kind words.

Follow program expectations for conflict resolution among adults in the program.

Family Engagement: Work collaboratively with families and agencies/organizations to meet children’s needs and to encourage the community’s involvement with early care and education.

Use a variety of outreach strategies to encourage connections among families.

Accept and adjust to variations in family communication styles and preferences.

Conduct a minimum of 2 parent/teacher conferences each year, discussing child’s development and progress.

Co-Chair and facilitate Preschool Graduation.

Child Observation and Assessment: Use reliable and valid tools and methods for understanding child interests, challenges, interactions, and knowledge to support the child’s development and make appropriate referrals for further evaluation.

Use valid and appropriate observation and assessment when completing ASQ screening tool.

Utilize the Work Sampling Assessment tool to chart child’s progress and discuss the usefulness of this tool with families.

Attend, as needed, all conferences pertaining to your student’s development.

Health, Safety and Nutrition: Establish and maintain an environment that ensures children’s healthy development, safety, and nourishment.

Follow, promote, and document health and safety practices based on state regulations and best practice standards.

Recognize your role as a mandated reporter, identifying signs and symptoms of possible child abuse and neglect.

Work in cooperation with the Nursing Dept to identify illnesses and health concerns in your students.

Follow SSDC procedures for administering medication and health or medical care plans.

Maintain attentive, continuous supervision and correct staff/child ratio both indoors and outdoors.

Teach simple safety precautions and rules to children and implement them consistently.

Follow all pandemic procedures outlined in the Sunshine School procedures and the Pandemic addendum of the parent handbook.

Professionalism and Leadership: Serve children and families in a professional manner and participate in the community as a representative of early care and education.

Demonstrate respect and trust with colleagues, parents, and others, promoting and modeling cooperation and positive communication.

Respect confidentiality of colleagues, parents, and others.

Complete new staff orientation with HR, DDS training, CPR/First Aid Certification, Nurse Orientation, and AR New Staff Orientation online course.

Maintain PDR number with the professional development registry, seeking out and registering for professional development training.

Participate in a minimum of 30 hours (36 for licensed teachers per AR Dept. of Education) of staff development on topics pertinent to early childhood education and approved by DCCECE. Specific trainings are required from the division that must be completed, sometimes on an annual basis (refer to the ABC manual for details).

Uses an individual plan to identify strengths, set goals and articulate next steps for continued professional growth.

Promotes and models professionalism in the field of early childhood education.

Collaborative Program Management: Collaborate to implement and evaluate a high-quality early care and education program.

Assist with maintaining documentation to meet program regulations and professional standards.

Develop lesson plans based on ABC goals and on identified needs of children and families.

Provide information to substitutes and volunteers about children and program procedures, maintaining a current sub folder for when absent.

Support colleagues in following SSDC policy and procedures for conflict resolution among staff and with families.

Participate in at least one of the agency committees and events for the good of the agency as a whole.


ABC staff report to the ABC/PAT Program Manager. If the ABC/PAT Program Manager is unavailable, then any inquiries can be made to the Director of Special Programs & Licensing to resolve their issues. All employees have orientation in the staff dispute resolution in the manual upon hire and yearly in the August department meeting. All staff are mandated reporters as stated by the state of Arkansas and are required to report any leads of child abuse to the child abuse hotline (see DHS handbook and employee manual).

Compensation & Fringe Benefits

Payroll will be deposited every two weeks on Friday. For pay rate refer to Hire/Change Form. Staff will receive holiday pay for Christmas and the 4th of July holidays. Sick, vacation and FMLA information refer to Sunshine School Personnel Policies and Procedures.

Employee Commitments

There are mandatory monthly department meetings and quarterly all-staff meetings, each employee will be paid their hourly rate and are expected to attend unless cleared by their supervisor. This is in addition to the required time given to at least one agency committee.

Employee Reviews

Each new employee shall receive a 90-day review from the ABC/PAT Manager. Throughout the year, staff members will meet with the ABC/PAT Manager for Reflective Supervision. This time will be for goal setting and to discuss any updates that may have happened since our last meeting, to discuss professional development trainings taken or signed up for, short term priorities, or roadblocks that may be encountered. Annually a formal performance evaluation will be conducted in your anniversary month. Anytime outside this range the ABC/PAT Program Manager is always available to meet and address any concerns an employee has. The previous expectations will be considered in the annual performance review process.

Minimum Qualifications

The ABC Lead Teacher must have a minimum of:

Minimum of an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development.

If completing an SQP refer to ABC Manual for requirements.

Must be able to demonstrate competency in the areas of developmentally appropriate programming, curriculum development and daily classroom management.

One year’s teaching experience in early childhood education is preferred.

Have an active PDR number, if you are currently in the Early Childhood field.

Ability to lift children weighing up to 40 pounds.

Background clearance with the Child Abuse Registry and Arkansas State Police.

Within 90 days of hire all staff must obtain a PDR number, complete AR New Staff Orientation online course, complete CPR/First Aid certification and complete a minimum of thirty (30) hours of staff development pertaining to early childhood development each school year, running July 1-June 30 (36 for licensed teachers per AR Dept. of Education). Specific trainings are required from the division that must be completed, sometimes on an annual basis (refer to employee manual and ABC manual). For the first 30 hours all staff will be paid their hourly rate, hours obtained over 30 are not guaranteed paid hours if beyond requirements of staff.


This position is based on 190 days (178 student days & 12 training days). Hours are Monday-Friday 7:15-3:15 p.m. in addition to monthly staff meetings and regularly schedule staff trainings that may go beyond these hours.
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Jill Kleinebreil
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