Organization Name:
Marion, AR
Job Title:
Early Childhood Coordinator
Job Description:
Responsible for the oversight and leadership of all KidSPOT staff with an emphasis on the preschool classrooms.
Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field.
Experience in Early Childhood Day Treatment (EIDT) facility preferred.
Perform Developmental Assessments for children birth to five years of age to determine eligibility for program admission.
Attend trainings, professional development conferences, state mandated conferences to ensure that the ECC is aware of all Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale, ABC Program, HIPPY Program, EIDT and state licensing requirements and is knowledgeable of any upcoming or pending changes to licensing or program requirements.
Ensure that all classrooms are equipped with the educational materials and supplies to exceed all state reviews including ECERS and all classrooms and staff meet/exceed state requirements. Schedule TA for all classrooms annually and as warranted and follow-up with TA recommendations with staff
Recommend and ensure that all classrooms are implementing curriculum that aligns with state mandated guidelines.
Monitor Work Sampling of all staff and hold final responsibility that timelines are met for all staff.
Conduct staff observations three times annually, complete written performance evaluations for all staff, and ensure follow-up of recommendations
Oversee weekly and/or bi-weekly preschool staff meetings for purposes of team building, lesson planning, event organization, staff orientation, etc. Mentor all staff in contact with children on best practices for early childcare education experiences
Ensure developmental screenings have been conducted for all enrolled children in accordance to program requirements (45 days for ABCSS) and results of the screening have been forwarded to KidSPOT therapy, the appropriate co-op, entered into COPA and DeTaso and filed in individual child charts.
Enter identified children into COPA system.
Monitor/Review all developmental evaluations conducted by Developmental Evaluator
Schedule and attend meetings with parents/guardians of children who fail developmental screenings. Assist parents in obtaining additional services and evaluations as warranted. Refer failed screenings to the intake/enrollment coordinator
Act as a liaison between staff and therapists and encourage therapist participation within the classroom.
Ensure all staff in contact with enrolled children are following licensing and program guidelines.
Participate in employee interviews. Recommend classroom teachers. Monitor and maintain staff SQP, CDA and continuing education requirements.
Represent staff in all administration meetings
Schedule monthly parent participation events including parent information meetings, open house, festivals, parent teacher conferences, education opportunities, parent volunteers and parent events.
Ensure classroom orientation for all newly enrolled children and parents.
Oversee and ensure all guidelines of the ABCSS program are being met and/or exceeded.
Ensure staff are maintaining documentation daily for match purposes.
Ensure that COPA is completed weekly by classroom staff.
Act as a liaison between staff and families and attend individual parent meetings as requested by the staff.
Ensure staff is receiving continued education opportunities based on child population assigned to the classroom. Forward continuing education to HR Department
Handle parent complaints/concerns
Ensure goals are being implemented in the classrooms
Oversee all preschool lesson plans
Event Planning for Parent Events/Activities
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Contact Name:
Shelly Tucker
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