Organization Name:
Cabot United Methodist Church Child Development Center
2003 South Pine Street, Cabot, Arkansas 72023
Job Title:
Early Childhood Director
Job Description:
Must be at least 21 years of age as required by the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Must have a B.S. Degree in Early Childhood Development or a related field of education, or a minimum of five years of experience in a management position in a child care field as required by CUMC-CDC.
Responsible to the Cabot United Methodist Church’s CDC Council, Minister, and any related boards to our Child Development Center and the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Also, must be a good representative to the center, church, and community.
To manage all aspects of the weekday child care program at the Child Development Center, following its policies and philosophy according to the decisions of the CDC Council and Minimum Guidelines of the Arkansas Department of Human Services. To see that the care of each child meets or exceeds all state requirements for licensing, and that the program provides quality education. To serve as a supervisor for the following personnel: Administrative Assistant, Teachers, Assistants, and Kitchen Workers.
Closing Date:
Contact Name:
Shannan Stewart
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number:

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