Guest Blogger: Renee Philpot – Board Member at Large

Team work makes the dream work 

There’s no I in Team 

Together everyone achieves more. 

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. 

Over the years in education, I have heard and said these things numerous times but what do they really mean for early childhood professionals? 

  • It means that when the lead teacher is absent, the kids’ day remains the same because the teacher’s assistants are viewed as an equal in the classroom. 
  • It means when one classroom is out of red construction paper, another classroom shares without hesitation. 
  • It means when we only have one trike, we teach the children to share and take turns.   
  • It means when a parent is at the end of their rope, we provide the encouragement and support to make it another day. 
  • It means when a staff learns something new, they share it with peers. 
  • It means when the kids are painting, the teachers are painting, too. 
  • It means teachers are where the kids are, engaging in child directed play.  
  • It means when problems are identified, everyone’s suggestions are considered as part of the solution. 
  • It means when mandates are passed down, they are implemented in such a way the kids’ best interest remains a top priority.  
  • It means developing relationships with children and families so when difficult situations occur, addressing them is easier. 
  • It means when they can’t come to school, teachers call, email and check up on the kids.  
  • It means we put teddy bears in our windows so children can go on a “Bear Hunt” even though they can’t come see us.  
  • It means when we’re not together, we miss each other.  

As I sit in my quiet center today, because we have decided to close, I’m overwhelmed with the feeling we need each other. We need  our team, our tribe, our people. We need our family.  

The few members of our team working today have one goal; reach out to every family we serve and provide them with ideas and resources that will continue their child’s progress and development. We will continue to do this on a regular basis whether we get paid or not.    

That’s teamwork – taking care of each other no matter what it takes.  

Renee is the Program Administrator at Friendship Pediatric Services in Siloam Springs, Arkansas

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