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We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between AECA and The Yarn!

We know that many of us have had the unfortunate opportunity to visit with friends and neighbors that just don’t understand what we do in early childhood education. AECA is committed to educating our fellow Arkansans on the importance of ECE to children, families, and our communities. We believe there are no better spokespersons than our members. Since public speaking, outside of our classrooms/programs, is not typically part of our job description we want to begin by providing a coach to assist EACH of our spokespersons. That is our purpose for partnering with The Yarn.

At The Yarn, they use the power of story to amplify voices, build understanding, and create space for human connection. Watch this short video to find out more.

Storytelling Goals

To identify and cultivate stories of those working in early childhood education in Arkansas.

To develop skills and instill confidence in those working in early childhood education as to the value of their stories and the need for those stories to be shared.

To highlight the importance of the work of early childhood education, as well as those doing that work.

Storytelling Process

Our outlook for this initiative is to have our early childhood storytellers share their story far and wide – beginning with a retelling at our October conference. Interested applicants will begin by submitting the interest form here. They will then be notified if they are selected for the first cohort of storytellers. The Yarn will then meet with this cohort as a group to provide a mini orientation and to answer any questions they may have. Hilary Trudell (from The Yarn) will meet with storytellers individually to help structure and develop their stories. They will then all meet together to share their stories with each other. There will be some discussion around the best modes for sharing stories – such as presenting at the October conference or sharing a video.

Hopefully you can see why we think sharing your story is important, but if you’re not quite sure yet here are three more compelling reasons:

Donald Davis, American storyteller, states that “Every time you tell your story it changes you and the
people who hear it.” This will benefit anyone with experience doing this important work.

Sharing your story can be used to inform policy and generate the attention early childhood education and educators deserve and send the message that early childhood education needs more support.

By sharing your heart, your passion, and your story we will all get a glimpse into the lives of the amazing early educators we have right here in Arkansas! We are all key players who can inspire each other!

The pandemic has gained the attention of the world on the important role that early childhood education plays in the economy and to families – we want to KEEP that attention by sharing our stories! Change can only happen when there is understanding of the needs and a shared vision. We believe that the power of stories can lead to the change we need! We know you have important things to say! We want to provide you with the opportunity to work with a story coach and a group of colleagues/fellow storytellers to hone your story and increase your confidence in sharing with others.

Apply Now!

Applications are currently closed. If you know someone who might be interested in telling their story, or if you want to share more information with your staff team, please download this one page flyer here or send an email to Thank you!

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