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It has taken me over a week to recover from conference. Just yesterday I unloaded the last box of supplies from my car . One delightful gift I received upon my return home was a broken washing machine. So, let’s just say we are using the “buy what you need from the local Walmart” method until the repairman can get out.

Let’s talk about conference and all the amazing things that happened. We have received tons of positive feedback on the pre-conference sessions and the pre-conference tours from Wednesday . Everyone loved the opportunity to dig a little deeper.

Thursday was fast moving and absolutely incredible. I still cant believe we had Amy O’Leary the President of NAEYC and Asa Hutchinson the Governor of Arkansas. Ya’ll we had them in one room speaking to us and supporting us! WOOO !! What about that marketplace grand opening wasn’t it the most fun? Great skills were learned from Tim Waxenfelter and if you didn’t get to listen to Ole’ Pete Key then you missed out.

Lisa Murphy ,the Ooey Gooey Lady kept everyone’s attention as she challenged us to think about “What if today was their only day?” Friday evening we had a stellar magic show and a good crowd to enjoy popcorn and “ The Greatest Showman.”

Saturday felt like church on a Sunday morning as PJ inspired with us the “ Secret Sauce to Success.” Everyone enjoyed Amy Dumbro’s and Dr. Crafts sessions.

The things I personally LOVED-
That PROGRAM— wasn’t it beautiful and useful?
Looking around and seeing my ECE friends laughing and visiting.
The insightful sidebar conversations that impact quality care across the state.
The free food and drinks that were EVERYWHERE!
The vendors in the marketplace —— all the bling !

It was a wonderful conference . Thank you to all the speakers, sponsors, presenters , volunteers , workers and conference committee. Let’s do it again next year.

Please let them be little,

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