Our friends at Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families are calling for our help. The pandemic is getting worse, not better. UAMS – University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences projects that #Arkansas could have over 100,000 active COVID-19 cases at the end of October, and Congress is about to start debating what may be the last COVID relief package this year. We must ensure that the needs of our state’s kids and families are addressed in this bill.

During the pandemic and resulting financial crisis, Arkansas’s families are facing unprecedented hardships. But without action from Congress, we could see cuts to critical state programs like education and Medicaid. We could see unemployed Arkansans struggle to pay bills and keep their families afloat. We could have Arkansans facing greater food insecurity and be unable to provide needed nutrition to their families. Black, Latinx, and immigrant Arkansans are being especially hard hit with worse health outcomes and increased likelihood of working “essential jobs” that put them at greater risk of contracting the virus.

Contact your congresspeople NOW. We can’t let this bill pass without making sure Arkansas’s children and families are protected during this crisis. Click the link attached to this post which will lead you to a pre-filled form that does all the work for you! It takes less than five minutes to complete. Tag a friend on your social media accounts when you have completed it, share it on your page, tell all your colleagues!

Thank you for sharing your voice for families in Arkansas!


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