We are excited to share with you today our Public Policy Agenda! Please download this document for full details.

To help with our promotion of our agenda, we are launching a 28-day challenge starting February 1st and we need your voice! We want to share the amazing work you do every day with children all across Arkansas to show that early childhood educators are #keyPLAYers in building STRONG brains through RELIABLE RELATIONSHIPS and STIMULATING PLAY. We will be sharing a prompt on our social media every day for you to respond to with your best photos and stories about children’s play and education in your setting. We will use these stories to help promote our agenda and show that early childhood educators not only support brain development and school readiness, but that the parents of 130,000 Arkansas children rely on our services to earn a living. Add the hashtag #keyPLAYers and we will saturate the social media newsfeeds with evidence of what amazing work you are doing across the state of Arkansas for young children and their families.

Your first challenge is right here. We can’t wait to see your submissions! If you are not on social media and wish to participate, please be sure to check out our blog that will have the challenges posted each day. We encourage you to double-check your own social media and photograph policy when sharing images of children, and invite you to get creative if sharing faces is not an option – photographs of centers, materials used and even just hands are so powerful for telling your stories! 

Please also feel free to use and share the following graphics on your social media and email signatures, along with the hashtag #keyPLAYers. Simply click on the image then right click on it to save it to your desktop.

Buttons for your email signature (we suggest making the button link to our website if possible!)

Zoom backgrounds:

Facebook covers:

Twitter headers:

Profile frames:

We are stronger and louder together! Please consider becoming a member of AECA – you can join today via our website here.

Thank you for all that you do! We appreciate you!

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