Organization Name:
Grace Place Preschool of Fort Smith
Fort Smith, AR
Job Title:
Preschool Director
Job Description:
The director of Grace Place Preschool of Fort Smith is expected to fulfill the mission of the preschool by developing children “spiritually, intellectually, and physically.” The director should have through knowledge of all DHS requirements that pertain to the preschool. They should be able to create policies and procedures and manage staff and daily operations according to these requirements.

The director is the lead administrator of the preschool and will thoroughly communicate and handle all problems with staff, students, and parents. They will create staff schedules and class rosters. The director is expected to always use discretion and confidentiality when dealing with staff and children.

The director is also the liaison between the preschool and its Board of Directors, and is expected to maintain clear communication with the board if there are ever any questions or problems that may arise.

The director will stay up to date with new requirements of curriculum. They will seek out and ensure the lead teachers are attending continuing education courses. The director is expected to engage with students and parents daily, as well as, teach classes as needed or be in the classroom to ensure ratios are meeting requirements.

The director should always conduct themselves in a professional manner, while ensuring the children in the preschool are receiving the highest standard of care and education.

Applicants must meet the DHS Licensing Requirements for Preschool Directors
Closing Date:
Contact Name:
Staci Moore
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number:

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