The American Rescue Plan represents one of the most significant investments in young children in decades, including a historic $39 billion in child care relief.

This meaningful investment indicates a recognition of your sacrifices and strength during this past year! This historic legislation has the potential to improve access to quality ECE for all families. It will now be left up to each state to use this needed relief in a way that starts to rebuild an equitable child care sector that centers a diverse, well-prepared, well-supported, and fairly compensated workforce.

We are asking you to reach out to our Arkansas members of Congress to let them know we are grateful for these funds and that we look forward to working with them to find ways to sustain this investment in early childhood education and educators. The easiest way to do this is to visit this website from the First Five Years Fund. Simply add your name, email and street address and the site will create a personalized message to send to members of congress.

Please send a note to your lawmakers expressing your gratitude and support for the relief bill that just passed, and reminding them how essential it is that we build up a system of care in America that meets the needs of all families who need it.

Thank you again for everything you’ve done during these immensely challenging times to ensure the relief in this bill became a reality. The impact on the lives of thousands of early educators and even more families cannot be overstated.

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