Throughout March we have celebrated women who have either made or are currently making history in early childhood education across Arkansas. We loved reading all of your nominations and seeing the love that you have for these amazing women!

We want to reiterate our stance as outlined in our Public Policy Agenda. Early childhood educators not only support brain development and school readiness, parents of 130,000 Arkansas children rely on our services to earn a living. Our priorities are to:
1. Maximize federal resources
2. Develop teaching expertise through our T.E.A.C.H. program and more
3. Provide adequate compensation via the Working Taxpayer Relief Act

We invite you to take action with us. Use #keyPLAYers in your social media posts and our virtual key “button” in Zoom meetings and email signatures – grab yours here and help us spread the message!

We also invite you to join the nearly 1,500 professionals from around the state who have come together for more than 50 years on behalf of children and families in Arkansas. Join AECA today!

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