You have the chance to help nearly 400,000 Arkansas children by asking your legislators to pass SB 10, which would create a state Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Last week we wrote you about how Senate Bill 10 would help families with low-incomes get financial relief. But the tax credit in the bill would also help improve the health of Arkansas’s children in several key ways.

The extra income the federal EITC provides helps families pay for little things that some of us take for granted, like regular checkups at the doctor or being able to pay rent on time. And research shows that the EITC has many health benefits for children and families, including reduced rates of low birth weight and preterm births, better household diets, and better maternal physical and mental health.

Currently, 29 states have enacted a state version of the EITC, including two of Arkansas’s neighbors, Louisiana and Oklahoma. It is time for Arkansas to become the 30th.

Help improve the health of Arkansas’s children and tell your legislators to support SB 10.

To make this a super simple process, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families have created this form for us so all it takes is two clicks – click the button in this post, fill in your information and click ‘send message’.

Thank you for advocating for our sector and standing up for families in Arkansas. We salute you!

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