AECA knows that ECE Educators have LOTS of stories and we believe they are worth sharing!

As an Arkansas early educator, you became one of the nation’s most essential workers during the covid-19 pandemic. AECA knows that you have a story that needs to be told!

You may be wondering why AECA feels this is so important.

👭 The first reason is best described from the wise words of Donald Davis, American storyteller, “Every time you tell your story it changes you and the people who hear it.” When you partner with other early educators in Arkansas to tell your story it will not only benefit you but those in the group who have shared similar experiences doing this important work.

🔊 Secondly, sharing your story can be used to inform policy and generate the attention early childhood education and educators deserve and send the message that ECE needs more support.

💓 Finally, sharing your heart, your passion, and your story will give us all a glimpse into the amazing early educators here in Arkansas!

We hope you will consider sharing your story with us and inform our communities and legislatures of the importance of your work! We have a wonderful initiative with our friends at The Yarn to help you share your story. For more information and to let us know you are interested please click on this link:

If you know somebody who has a story to tell, please share this post and encourage them to apply! Thank you for all you do for children and families in Arkansas. We appreciate you!

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