We are excited to welcome our new staff member, Tamara Edmond! She is our new Step Up to Wage$ Counselor Specialist. You can find out more about our Step Up to Wage$ Program here. Here is more info about Tamara, you can contact her at tamara@arkansasearlychildhood.org.

With a love for children and a passion for education, Tamara brings diverse experience to our team. She managed a Family Home Daycare for 4 years while stationed in England and has worked in Faith-based and Child Daycare Facilities. Librarian and Volunteer Mediator have been focused career roles and she is skilled in resource and referral. The Edmond family moved from Colorado to Arkansas because after visiting 5-6 times a year to spend time with their granddaughter; they just did not want to miss being a part of her life. She is married to a retired US Air Force Master Sergeant and is an Honorably Discharged Veteran. Tamara has three adult children, loves to read, swim, and explore the outdoors.

“Enthusiastic about the Step Up to WAGE$ Program and excited to see Educators Thrive!”

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