We’re thrilled to share more about, “Learn to Play, Play to Learn,” – AECA’s focus for 2023! Our logo is aligned with the Arkansas Child Development and Early Learning Standards (Arkansas CDELS) Birth through 60 Months. The Arkansas CDELS document is available in both English and Spanish. This valuable resource is used to help young children grow and develop.

You can download both documents here:

The nine domains of development and learning are represented in our 2023 logo:

Language Development (speech balloon)
Science and Technology (leaf and magnifying glass)
Mathematical Thinking (numbers)
Creativity and Aesthetics (crayons)
Physical Development and Health (child with a ball)
Emergent Literacy (book)
Cognitive Development (puzzle pieces)
Social Studies (the globe)
Social and Emotional Development (hands & heart)

Let’s not underestimate the power of play! Play can provide rich learning experiences for children. A few types of play are functional, sociodramatic, and games with rules. Each domain will be highlighted throughout the year. Ideas will be shared to motivate us to always discover ways to incorporate play into the learning environment. Play is joyful and provides an avenue for children to learn concepts and life-long skills with enjoyment!

We invite you to share pictures, videos, and special projects as children “Learn to Play, Play to Learn.” Please send your newsletter contributions to president@arkansasearlychildhood.org or communications@arkansasearlychildhood.org.

Shaneil “PJ” Yarbrough
AECA President

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