YOU DID IT! ❤️️🥳️💙

AECA is proud to announce that we have received Valentine’s from all over Arkansas! We spent the weekend packing them up to deliver to our state leaders tomorrow at Kids Count Day at the Capitol!

We also were very lucky to have a special visitor! Representative Mayberry (the sponsor of HB 1158) was able to receive her Valentine’s directly from some children who were at the location we were working from. What a treat!

You can find out more about what HB 1158 – the Early Childhood Workforce Quality Incentive Act – could do for you here: 🔗

We need your help more than ever to get HB 1158 into the minds of all our state leaders – please keep sharing our posts and inviting your friends, family and colleagues to email their representatives with our suggested subject line, ‘The ECE workforce is the heart of your community and we NEED YOUR HELP’.

You can find all the resources and links you need, including sample emails to send, on the Public Policy page on our website:


Thank YOU for standing up for childcare! If you need any help writing your email or finding your legislators, do not hesitate to reach out to

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