Guest Blogger: Melanie Nichols

This March, we are sharing a special series of blog posts from Melanie Nichols. This series was originally posted in February 2021. You can find Melanie and her blog here. If you would like to submit to our blog, please email us.

When we first hold our newborn child or walk into a class of new students on the first day of school, we often have a shiny happy feeling of love. But it doesn’t take long for sleepless nights with an infant or nonstop chatter in the classroom to dull the shine of that love-feeling. That’s when real love shows up. When the newness wears off, and emotion fades, we must choose to work at love.

Love feels good, but real love is more than just a feeling. Real love is a choice. Real love is action. In today’s world, it seems we want maximum results with minimal effort. But that’s not real love. Love in any relationship takes work to communicate and understand each other. It takes work to intentionally set aside time to be together and to set aside our preferences in favor of what is best for the other person. In our roles as loving parents and teachers, it also takes effort to provide boundaries, enforce discipline, and teach accountability. 

Loving our children will not always be easy, but love is always a choice we can make. It is always an action we can take, and our children will always be worth it. 

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