There will be one final ARPA grant payment. Prior to the application going β€œlive”, here are some things you might need to know:

To qualify for the final grant, you must have an active child care participant agreement (PAT) on file (which is required to accept vouchers) and be a Better Beginnings Level 2.

If you do not have an active PAT, the deadline to get one set up is August 16th. Please contact Tyra Gillam for assistance

You will have to apply for the grant in the ARPA application portal.

If you received ARPA funding in the past, please make sure you still have access to your account in the ARPA portal prior to the “live” date. This will ensure a smooth application process when it is time to apply. The portal address is

This application will not require you to submit a budget; however, you will have to sign the Certification Page and upload a current Certificate of Authority and government issued ID.

The grant award amount will be given at the time of application submittal.

Please watch your email closely as this application process will have a quick turnaround time. The email will come from The grant is expected to open around the first week of September.

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