You are invited to play “Tag” with us!

Although this is not the traditional game of tag you may remember playing with friends as a child. This tag game doesn’t include running to catch a friend, it does include catching a friend’s attention to share some very important information that is critical to Arkansas children and families regarding the potential loss of Medicaid and ARKIDS coverage for 422,112 Arkansans.

Sometimes reaching every family in Arkansas can be as challenging as a strategic game of “Tag”. So, we are issuing a “Tag” challenge!

Accept the challenge by following AECA on your favorite social media platform:

Whenever you see an AECA social media post about Medicaid and ARKIDS coverage do the following:

🏷 Tag colleagues, friends, family and people you know in the comments section of our social media (program administrators, teachers, anyone who works closely with children and families)
🏷 Share the post to your page
And, repeat each time you see a post about Medicaid and ARKIDS updates.
🏷 Include these hashtags to spread the message even further: #arkansasece #aeca2023 #learntoplay #playtolearn #keyplayers #arpx #arleg

While this challenge may seem jovial, it includes a critical message and is time sensitive.

Beginning on April 1, some Arkansans enrolled in Medicaid and ARKIDS will begin to lose their coverage for the first time since early 2020. We can help families keep their coverage by sharing some important information which includes how to update their account to maintain coverage.

During the pandemic, families were not required to reapply each year and many fear that the state may not have accurate contact information for families currently being served. The Arkansas Medicaid Program has determined that 422,112 Medicaid recipients (37% of those currently enrolled) are either ineligible for Medicaid coverage due to information received from recipients (like an income change) or because they have been unable to contact clients based on inaccurate contact information on file.

Help By Sharing With Families:
📞 Call the Update Arkansas hotline at 1-844-872-2660.
💻 Go online at Medicaid clients can log in or create an account, and then add your current contact information.
📍 Visit a local DHS county office to ensure your contact information on file is correct.

Read this article by Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families for more information.

Find links to all resources on our blog on our website here.

This is a simple way we can advocate for our families and children! Won’t you accept the challenge of helping us reach every family in Arkansas with a critical and timely message? Tag! You’re it!

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